Marketing Shouldn't Be Mysterious.

You've worked too hard building your business to feel confused and frustrated about how to get more leads and sales.

50% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years. In most cases, the business owners are experts, but not experts at modern marketing. They often have no idea how to generate consistent leads and customers, which leads to increased stress and ultimately to their business failing.

We help small business owners thrive and survive by helping them build a revenue-generating system that produces consistent high-quality and identifiable leads. When consistent leads are generated, you, the business owner, feels relief and can focus on building a successful business.

Farmers Marketing offers three options for small business owners to generate leads and increase revenue:

  • Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) services
  • One-on-one coaching, or
  • A group coaching training program

Whichever path you choose, everyone starts on the first step:


Discovery Call

Fill out a short questionnaire about your business and book a call with our team. We’ll help you determine the best next steps for you to achieve your goals.
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Pick Your Path:

Now that we’ve discussed your business and your needs, we’ll determine together the best path for you.

Fractional CMO Program

We act as an active member of your leadership team to drive REVENUE not just sell you marketing DELIVERABLES, like a typical highfalutin marketing agency. The Fractional CMO program means we’re marketing channel/tactic agnostic, and focus on the high-priority activities for your business - just like a full-time CMO would do, but we’re only a fraction of the investment of a full-time CMO! Learn More >


For those that want personal attention and to be held highly accountable, we offer one-on-one coaching, where we meet monthly to discuss your business and guide your progress through a modern marketing program. In short, we’ll help you learn how to create and execute a high-impact modern marketing strategy. Learn More >

Farmers Market To Mass Market Course and Group Coaching

We know it can be challenging while running your business to learn all things about marketing, that’s why we put together everything you need to know about launching a full marketing campaign in an 8-week course. You’ll also have access to our community, and weekly Q & A calls.

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Want more information on our Fractional CMO, Group Coaching, or One-on-One Coaching Programs?

Fraction CMO Features & Benefits:

  • We’re an active member of your Revenue team
  • We understand all aspects of your business relating to revenue, but specific to lead generation,
  • We focus on your specific high-priority activities, not just selling websites and social media posts
  • We Implement the Farmers Marketing Machine in the first 90 days
  • We also have a team in place to execute your marketing HPAs
  • You gain all the benefits of having a CMO but at a fraction of the cost.

  • This program is best for owners:
    • Who are driven to grow their revenue
    • Who are ready to embrace modern marketing
    • Who do not have a marketing layer in their company

Custom Coaching Features & Benefits:

  • Get dedicated support tailored to you and your business
  • Have a coach that holds you personally accountable
  • Get guidance on what the most important marketing activities are for your business

  • Custom Coaching is best for business owners that:
    • Prefer dedicated attention
    • Want the highest level of accountability
    • Are willing to pull their sleeves up and get to work
    • Are extremely busy and don’t want a self-directed program

Group Coaching Features & Benefits:

  • Make an immediate impact on your business without hiring a fancy agency or an internal marketing team
  • Receive a proven process to generate repeatable leads and sales
  • See behind the curtain and learn how modern marketing works, and what your business needs to do to thrive and survive
  • Join our community of like-minded business owners and share ideas and insights

  • This program is best for business owners that:
    • Are ready to learn more and just need a system and direction
    • Wanting to make a direct impact on their revenue and grow their business
    • Want to have a support system in place

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Listen directly to one of our clients In this video, Lionel sits down with Kevin Small, Founder, and CEO of Agri-Fresh. This discussion covered our first 6 months working together. It was also at the height of COVID-19 in North America, and you can still hear his confidence in where his business is at. Kevin went from ‘Hoping and Praying’ to having a marketing system that consistently produces a high-volume of qualified leads.

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