Driver Recruitment Marketing: Driving Results in Tumultuous Times

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Like many trucking companies in North America, Sonwil Transportation struggled to attract and retain qualified truck drivers. In 2021, the company enlisted the help of Farmers Marketing to solve its driver recruiting problem. Working together, they developed and deployed an effective recruitment marketing system to continuously produce leads to meet Sonwil’s growing demand for drivers.

Fresh off their case study presentation at the TMSA annual conference, Sonwil’s Jason Ickert and Farmers Marketing’s Lionel Johnston team up to share the details about the multi-faceted marketing program.

Watch this webinar replay to see how the program is delivering results for Sonwil:

  • Hired 19 new drivers in less than four months
  • Reduced unseated tractors to zero
  • Gained $70,000 – $90,000 per week through cost avoidance and added revenue
  • Provided visibility into program performance

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