Master Modern Marketing: Building women’s confidence and businesses through coaching

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In today’s episode of the Master Modern Marketing podcast, we speak with life coach, podcaster, and entrepreneur, Katherine Koroll. 

Katherine is a life coach specializing in mindset, confidence and inner belief systems. She teaches you how to manage the voices in your head that stop you from charging what you’re worth, keep you stuck and from owning what you do with right-sized confidence.

She has recently launched the Freedom to SHINE podcast, in order to support her mission for everyone own their worth, thrive, and shine bright in their lives. She brings her sass, smarts and lots of fun to everything she does.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we speak with Katherine about the common roadblocks and opportunities she sees with her women entrepreneurial clients.

We also dive into why she has built a very specific business model.

HINT: She doesn’t want to be limited by trading time for money. 

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