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In today’s episode of the Master Modern Marketing podcast, we sit down with Doug Darling, CEO of Tripwire Media, and discuss the art and science of storytelling through video.  

Doug and his team have been growing a very successful video production company for over 10 years. And if you check out their portfolio, you will definitely recognize many of the brands on there. Doug Darling Podcast Cover PH

Doug is clearly an expert on video production as you’ll hear, but we actually focus specifically in this episode on storytelling. 

I was listening to the Perpetual Traffic Podcast recently and the guest, Alex Cattoni commented that many people say our attention spans are super short. Have you ever heard that our attention span is actually shorter than that of a goldfish?

Wait a minute, What am I talking about again? 

All kidding aside, Alex disagreed. She states that we have a short attention span, but that our super short attention span is only for terrible content. If you made it through the Game of Thrones, you clearly know people can pay attention for long periods of time. 

Here a few quick and amazing stats:
  • 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week,
  • One-third of online activity is spent watching videos, 
  • Over 500 million people, now folks, that’s a half a billion people that watch videos every single day on Facebook. That really is amazing. 
One of the major things that impact how engaging content is is actually the creator’s storytelling abilities. 

There’s actually an art and a science to good storytelling. And, that’s exactly what Doug and I speak about in today’s episode. We really hope that you gained some valuable insights and storytelling and those insights can help you get one step closer to being able to Master Modern Marketing

Today’s Topics:
  1. A high-level overview of modern video marketing
  2. What the most common current challenges for businesses relating to video
  3. The Muse Storytelling philosophy
  4. Case Study: The Alzheimer Society of Manitoba
  5. How can SMBs apply these concepts to their businesses?

During our case study discussion, Doug spoke about the process with the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba. Here is the video Doug spoke about:

About Doug: 

Doug Darling is all about the impact of stories, and how they can help connect people and move them to action. As the President and CEO of Tripwire Media, a video production company based in Winnipeg, Canada, Doug’s main focus is working with organizations, in all types of industries, to create communication pieces that help break through the clutter of an overly noisy and saturated market. 

Doug is also a Muse Certified Storyteller, with the Emmy Award-Winning Muse Storytelling, in Portland OR. He has worked with Muse for the last 2 years, on various projects, including being a Coach for their Muse Film School, and Producer and Executive Producer for two films in their ‘Remarkable Ones’ Series. Doug has adopted Muse’s storytelling process into Tripwire’s offerings, which helps evoke more impactful and engaging work for their clients.

Connect with Doug and Tripwire Media: LinkedIn | Facebook 
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