Master Modern Marketing Podcast – Examining Becker Logistics’ explosive growth through marketing

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In today’s episode, we speak with Jim Becker, CEO & Founder of Becker Logistics, about how they drove their explosive growth through marketing.

How would you like these results?

In 2018, we were doing around 4,000 shipments per month, and now we are doing around 6,000 per month. And all of that, I want to say, is due to all of the marketing that I, and my team, have done over the last two quarters.

This podcast dives deep into how Becker Logistics drove their business through marketing to such incredible heights, and how those lessons can applied to your business.

Jim Becker Logistics Master Modern Marketing Podcast

If you are in the transportation industry, and if you spend any time on LinkedIn, there is a great chance that you already know who Jim Becker is. If you aren’t in the transportation industry, it’s fine as the insights and learnings that Jim shares, relate to any business and industry.

Becker Logistics has been around for over 22 years and has about 170 employees, however, they have hired over 70 just this year and are experiencing ‘hockey stick like’ growth.

You will also hear straight from Jim about how much of their success he attributes to modern marketing.

Jim talks about Becker’s overall marketing strategy, and gives specifics on their ’31 and 1′ campaign, where they released a video a day in May on LinkedIn that generated over 150k views … so far!

Here is a quick example of one of Becker Logistics’ ’31 in 1′ videos:

Jim Becker LinkedIn Video Screenshot

What do we like about these videos? 

1. They were consistent.

2. They were NOT ‘salesy’ or self-promotional.

3. They were unique and spoke to the Becker brand essence.

4. They were real and unscripted. Obviously, Jim had a plan but there was no teleprompter in sight, and he said they did 15 of the videos in one take, which is pretty impressive.

5. They were focused on education and providing value, above all else.


If you are a leader or business owner that thinks:

  • Who cares about social media?
  • Who cares if we got 1,000 more followers on LinkedIn?
  • Or, we have been successful for many years without a marketing team and marketing strategy, so why now?

… then Jim, has some thoughts specifically for you!

While many companies ignore the modern world, don’t respond to online reviews, and play no role in how their brand is talked about online, Jim and Becker Logistics are lighting the modern marketing world on fire and reaping the rewards for doing so!

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About Jim Becker:

Jim Becker is the CEO of Becker Logistics, LLC. Before founding his own brokerage in 1997. Jim started his career working for a brokerage that grew to be an asset-based company where he gained industry experience as a traffic, purchasing and warehouse manager.

At first glance Jim Becker appears to be the successful founder and CEO of Becker Logistics, an expert in supply chain management, a swing dancer, a runner, a helicopter pilot, and a volunteer. He is in fact all of those things. He is also —and forever will be—a father grieving for his eldest daughter Jenna, who died suddenly at age two in 2009. Her death profoundly affected him, and he found his life’s purpose as a way to ease the pain. He learned to focus on the journey of life rather than solely on whatever goal or endpoint may serve as a destination. Along his journey, he has realized his passion to help the people he encounters to become a better version of themselves—to help them live life without regrets, to feel empowered, and to act with confidence.

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