Master Modern Marketing Podcast: Increasing revenue & new business through modern SEO

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In today’s episode of the Master Modern Marketing podcast, we sit down Nate Dame from Propecta to discuss increasing revenue and new business through modern SEO.

Nate Dame, as well as another past guest, Randy Milanovich, were both named as Top 100 Influencers by BuzzSumo! Nate Dame Master Modern Marketing Podcast Cover Art

Today’s Topics: 

A high-level overview of modern SEO
  1. In simple terms how does modern SEO work?
  2. Why should a company care?
  3. How has SEO changed over that past few years? 
What is the biggest issue in your opinion relating to SEO?
  1. What are the SEO myths today? 
  2. Can companies actually achieve scalable SEO growth today?
Where should a company start?  
  1. How to determine fit and timing 
  2. When do you know if your company is ready for SEO?
How do you drive the most success out of SEO in general?
  1. What timelines, investment, and results should you expect? 
  2. When is it best to insource or outsource? 
Podcast Overview:

Search Engine Optimization is an incredibly interesting topic. It has changed radically over the years, and there are often heated debates about white hat and black hat SEO practices.

SEO is one of those topics that are easy to understand – at least a high-level, but very hard to become a master of. In our industry, we often hear business leaders say they want to rank #1 on Google, and there are also companies that promote they will get you there. Yes, there are tactics and strategies to get you higher in search results, but your success at doing so is quite technical and takes a commitment of time and money over a very long period of time.

Looking back at my discussion with Nate, I was impressed with and really respect the fact that he was very clear on what it took to be successful with SEO. He even goes so far to discourage companies at certain stages in their growth to NOT invest in SEO.

Nate and his team, are clearly interested in the best interests of their clients, rather than just selling something that people will buy. We need a lot more companies like that in marketing and business in general for that matter. Nate also offers a free download of the CMO’s Guide To Modern SEO, so be sure to listen for that and to see the link below.

Whether you are a large company with a big marketing team or you are just getting ready to hire your first marketing person or contractor, I’m confident that you will learn a lot during this episode. And, I hope that it gets you one step closer to being able to Master Modern Marketing.

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About Nate Dame:

Nate is the founder and CEO of Propecta, a results-oriented SEO consultancy trusted by forward-thinking companies, including a few of the world’s largest B2B and technology brands. Propecta builds holistic SEO strategies, supports internal teams, and offers full-service execution to create an organic search presence that generates significant revenue.

Nate Dame is fascinated by the complex, constantly changing, layered world of SEO—where creativity rules, nothing ever stays the same, and sustainable, steady growth is the only true sign you’re doing it right.

Nate began his digital marketing career more than 10 years ago in the nonprofit world. One of his first side projects was SEO for Skechers, which ultimately led him to found Propecta (previously known as SEOperks). He has led SEO, content marketing, and influencer marketing projects for leading companies including Marketo, Musician’s Friend, and Grasshopper, in addition to a wide variety of small- and mid-sized businesses.

Now a regular speaker and columnist, Nate oversees client strategy and thought leadership for Propecta when he’s not busy in his favorite role as husband and dad to his family in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Connect with Nate & Propecta: 

Nate on LinkedIn | Propecta 

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