Master Modern Marketing Podcast: Live Coaching Call with Steve Setka

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In today’s episode of the Master Modern Marketing podcast, we sit down with Steve Setka, from InXpress, a third-party logistics franchise, for a live coaching call about modern marketing.

Part 1 Topics:

Marketing Audit: We reviewed their website and social media channels and discussed some of their strengths and opportunities for improvement.

In short, their website is modern and easy to navigate. They have the ball rolling in social media and are trying some creative ways to build their brand and engage with prospects online.

They need to clean up their Google My Business page as there are actually two listings and they should only have one. Then they also need to beef up the content on the remaining GMB page. This is simple to do but it has a big impact on their business. We also discussed how driving more Google and Facebook reviews immediately would give them a boost.

Part 2 Will be published shortly. 

Contact Steve and InXpress:
Website: InXpress
LinkedIn: Steve’s Profile

Pro Tip:

We discussed this page in the podcast. Notice how simple the form is. Do to the stripped-down format it is easy to notice what to do. Props to the designer too as the lower ‘V’ part of the white section directs our eye to the form and the continue button. The green button also matches their brand but contrasts enough to grab our eye.

InXpress Quote Page Screenshot

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