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Master Modern Marketing Podcast: Real talk about truck driver recruitment marketing

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In today’s episode, we speak with Amrit Dhanraaj, CEO of Amrit Dhanraaj

We dive deep into truck driver recruitment specifically discuss the truck driver shortage, which in many people’s opinions is plaguing the trucking industry. Amrit and Lionel speak specifically about modern marketing strategies and how if you know how to market in the modern world, you can find the drivers you need. 

There is a shortage of drivers, a shortage of money, and even and shortage of love, if you don’t know how to look for it. – Amrit Dhanraaj

About Amrit: 
Amrit Dhanraaj is an entrepreneur from Winnipeg, Canada, who has worked in various stages of the trucking industry. Starting as a Truck and Transport Mechanic for top suppliers, dealerships, and fleets, he then proceeded to work in trucking logistics throughout Western Canada. 

With the extensive knowledge Amrit gained, he now works as a Trucking Consultant who helps Trucking companies grow massively by helping them create an authority figure for their driver market. He excels in personally managing large digital campaigns on the behalf of clients, carefully tailoring them to their specific needs. He provides a comprehensive one-on-one service that consistently yields an outstanding return on Investment making the trucking companies dominate their target space to attract drivers and clients.
Here are some excerpts from our discussion, but please check out the podcast for our full conversation:
Segment 1: Let’s talk about the driver shortage? What are the underlying issues?

This is a very large topic and longstanding issue. Amrit had this to say:  “First of all, the demographics are changing rapidly. The average age of truck drivers is much older than in other industries and new drivers are not entering the industry as fast as older drivers are leaving. Secondly, the industry is having trouble attracting youth and women drivers, although that is improving”.

There are many more issues, but one last one of note here is there are still misconceptions of what the driving career is like. The reality is that it is a very highly-skilled, highly-paid profession, with a lot of opportunities. Many people think drivers are gone for weeks and months at a time, which is actually very rare in the modern trucking world.

Segment 2: What is the real issue in your opinion relating to the driver shortage?

Amrit gets into many underlying reasons behind the shortage, but his short answer is “Yes, there is a shortage. But, the bigger issue is many trucking companies don’t know where to get started to hire enough experienced drivers in today’s environment, and it’s not common for them to use modern marketing strategies. If these companies are actually on social media, they often just have a bunch of ‘Now Hiring’ posts.” 

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Segment 3: What are the 3-5 tips that a trucking company could implement today to get experienced truck drivers?
  1. Think like a modern marketer. Transportation companies excel at setting up processes, finding efficiencies, and maximizing the flow of goods through their system. Use the same strategies to build a recruitment marketing machine.
  2. Get testimonials from your current drivers and put them everywhere. They don’t need to be professionally designed but they need to be real.
  3. Get your online presence in order. Have a robust Facebook page, set up your Google My Business Page, and capture a lot of positive online reviews.
  4. Think at a higher level. Don’t just focus on filling the job of the day, create systems to fill all the jobs over all of the days.

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Segment 4: If you had a $100 to spend where would it be?

This is a really interesting question since the budget is so low, it creates some unique challenges. Here is what Amrit had to say:

“I would get a video driver testimonial and run it as an ad on Facebook for $5/day for $20 days. I should mention, that all of the magic happens with ads BEFORE they are on the platform. What I mean is its the effort you put into the story-telling, the design, the imagery, etc., that makes a great ad, and that all happens before it gets on YouTube, Facebook, or Google.”

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Segment 5: Case Study

Art Pape Transfer dba Tucker Freight Lines doubled their fleet in just 10 weeks after having 4 trucks parked in the yard.

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