Master Modern Marketing Podcast

With Lionel Johnston

Master Modern Marketing Podcast

The Master Modern Marketing podcast helps bridge the gap between small and medium-sized business owners, and experts in digital marketing.

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The core function of the Master Modern Marketing podcast is to have frank discussions with business owners/leaders about the digital landscape of their businesses. Topics include: - What is great already? - What isn’t great? - What are their greatest struggles with marketing? - What is the first thing they should focus on after the show? Since most of the audience is small and medium-sized business owners and leaders, we also feature many digital marketing professionals. We dive deep into their expertise but also ask them to reveal ways for the business owner or leader to be a better client, or to work more effectively with contractors, and even ways to cut costs and improve business results.

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Master Modern Marketing Podcast

See what our past guests have to say:

Marketing used to be simple. Put ads on tv, radio, billboards, or in print. Those were your options. Then the internet and email happend. It was easy at first (everyone opened their emails) but then it got hard (people got sick of spam) and complicated (S, E, what?). In one session with Farmers Marketing, I learned more about digital marketing than I had in a year of independent research. The best part is that none of it is hard, it just takes a little focused attention in the right places. If you've got the desire, committment, and courage to build your business through digital marketing, Farmers Marketing will help you get the most from your time and money.

- Clint Clarkson, Founder of eLearning Alchemy 

“At first, I thought I would be embarrassed because our marketing is so bad, but, Lionel quickly made me comfortable and stated that almost every business has things that could be improved. I also learned that even though I was paying a company to improve our SEO, we didn’t even have Google Analytics installed on our site! This means there was absolutely NO WAY for this company to prove what they were doing was working, yet, they kept sending me bills every month! If you are on the fence about being on the show, I highly recommend that you go for it. It’s the best investment I made in my business all year.

- Mike H., Home-Renovation Business (future happy guest 🙂 ) 

Who is the Master Modern Marketing podcast ideal for?

Digital Marketing Podcast
  1. Small to medium-sized business owners or leaders
  2. You ALREADY have a sellable product or service
  3. You recognize that to be competitive and survive you need to market more
  4. You are open new ideas and ready to implement them
  5. You want to increase sales and are willing to invest in your business

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