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In today’s episode, we speak with Michael Cooney, Co-founder of WhatConverts about how to track all leads within your marketing system.

In this detailed interview, we discuss the current status of lead generation and tracking. We start off discussing one of the most common questions from business owners which is “Where are my leads coming from?”. We then move into the features of WhatConverts and describe how the tool provides insights into your business, and create confidence in your marketing efforts. 

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Segment 1: Let’s discuss what must be the most common question in marketing … ‘Where are our leads coming from?’

Why is that question is so hard to answer?

  1. Google Analytics shows conversions which is helpful, but we can’t see the individual leads, so it is very difficult to tie sales results to specific leads.
  2. Results from phone calls are completely invisible to business owners and marketers for the most part.
Segment 2: How do we answer this question with confidence?

Michael commented that he hates saying “I don’t know”, and that drove him to say this: 

“I really need this tool that can capture all leads, tie it back to the marketing. We need to keep a record of all those leads, and then give me reporting of the results of all the marketing. What I need is a system that I can capture the information from any website and any form in under 1 minute.”

Segment 3: How does WhatConverts deal with these issues?

WhatConverts swaps the phone number on the site dynamically. When a call is made we capture the call recording, we capture the caller record from the phone company, we capture all the marketing data, and we store all of this for that lead.

Call Tracking: 30% to 75% of website visitors use the phone to make contact. 

Here is a list of some of the key features of WhatConverts:
  1. Track ALL leads with ‘Dynamic’ phone numbers – Automatically track marketing to a phone call with Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). DNI may be a new concept if you are new to website call tracking. Some think it’s magic because it works so well; we also think it is magical. When you buy a tracking phone number in WhatConverts, we ask what number you want us to swap out on your website. Our script then finds all versions of the swap numbers and, when triggered, our software swaps the number on your website with a tracking number that allows us to track your marketing data including the caller’s source, medium, campaign, keyword, lead page and landing page.
    1. Offline call tracking: Allows you to track the success of your offline marketing materials. Having offline tracking numbers takes the guesswork out of determining the ROI on printed materials, television and radio advertising and more. Offline call tracking WhatCoverts
    2. Marketing Source Tracking with Dynamic Number Insertion: Using Dynamic Number Insertion for All Traffic gives you the insight to track how your leads arrive and find your site (such as Google Organic, Facebook Referral, Bing CPC and more). This information allows you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing plan.Marketing Source with DNI WhatConverts
    3. Keyword Level Tracking with Dynamic Number Insertion: Using Dynamic Number Insertion along with your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns gives you the opportunity to track what ‘bidded’ keyword was used to trigger your ad and resulted in a phone call.Keyword Tracking with DNI WhatCoverts
    4. Call Flows: Streamline the call process but more importantly help apply tags to leads such as “new patient”, “existing patient”, etc.
    5. Call Recording: WhatConverts gives you the ability to control, download and monitor your incoming calls at no additional cost with Call Recording. Being able to listen to your calls lets you review the incoming calls, determine if a lead is qualified, monitor your sales team and more. The Call Recording feature allows you to choose which of your phone numbers record calls and lets you listen to them all from your main dashboard. 
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Segment 5: Michael’s Pro Tips
  1. Understand the value you are providing as a marketer, business owner, or agency partner. Look at the lifetime value of your customer.
  2. Ensure that marketing reports are accurate and easy to read and truly track all leads. Don’t focus on ‘vanity metrics’ such as clicks, impressions, etc. Those types of metrics are important but don’t mean much to a business owner, so focus on leads instead.
  3. Test campaigns with WhatConverts reporting. Michael tells a very compelling and insightful story about an industrial company that invested $18,000 to advertise in an industry directory. 75% of the leads were salespeople pitching them, not customers!  

Customer lifetime value is the metric that indicates the total revenue a business can reasonably expect from a single customer account. It considers a customer’s revenue value and compares that number to the company’s predicted customer lifespan. Businesses use this metric to identify significant customer segments that are the most valuable to the company. HubSpot

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