Master Modern Marketing Podcast: Transform your sales team into a closing machine with Proposify

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In today’s episode of the Master Modern Marketing Podcast, we speak with Patrick Edmonds, Chief Marketing Officer at Proposify.

Proposify makes it easy to create beautiful online proposals that are impossible to ignore. Professional, interactive, and mobile-friendly.

Your clients will be so impressed they’ll have no choice but to say yes.

What are the biggest benefits that Proposify has to offer? 

Proposify helps you:

  • Get the proposal in front of your customer faster and have as little friction as possible for them.
  • Gain customer insights. You can see if they opened it, how long did they look at it, how many pages did they view, what pages did they ignore, etc.
  • Create more beautiful looking proposals.
  • Save significant time.
Case Studies:

New Lawn: An artificial grass company can turn quotes around in just 15 minutes, which is a huge advantage.

Sea Monster Studios: Saves 20-25 hours per month in administration.

Sandler Sales Training: Sometimes had to wait a month to get the contract back from their client, and now they can do that in 24 hours and they a 90 response rate!

What types of businesses is Proposify good for?
  • Highly transactional non-personal (e-commerce).
  • Highly personalized sales – 1 to 1 relationship, and you may also call these quotes, contract, agreement, bid, pitch, etc.
  • Businesses that have to share information relating to the business: ‘About us’, service offerings, legal contract, digital signature, etc.
  • B2B service-related industries, agencies, and consultants.
  • B2C companies, such as construction, cleaning, hospitality, event planning, HVAC, roofers, etc.
  • Integrates with many CRMs.
  • Provides many template proposals (case studies, bios, etc.)
  • Share online by email and have full tracking.
  • Full design editor, no more Word or InDesign!
  • Embed video (testimonial, personalized message).
  • Shorter is better
  • Keep fees simple – offer small medium and large options
  • Faster is better – within 4 days are 11 % more likely to close,
  • It takes 7 days between the opening and signing off across their customer base
  • The average proposal sits in an inbox within 26 hours!
Contact Patrick or Proposify at: 

Patrick on Twitter | Patrick on LinkedIn 

Proposify on Twitter |

Click here it get a 14-day free trial of Proposify! 

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