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Is it possible to master modern marketing, and what does modern marketing even mean?
UPDATED: Click here or below for the slide deck Master Modern Marketing with Farmers Marketing Slide DeckORIGINAL POST:

Those are two of the many topics that will dive into in the FREE marketing seminar hosted at the Launch 1460 Co-working Space.

In the first seminar, we learned the powers of Inbound marketing and how it differs from, but compliments paid advertising practices.

In the second seminar, we covered the ins and outs of marketing automation and how it is a critical tool for the modern marketer.

Now in our third seminar, we will bring it all together. Learn how to masterfully blend Inbound marketing, PPC (pay per click ads), and marketing automation.

Calling All Modern Marketers!

For a modern marketer, all emails, blogs, videos, podcasts, and webinars should have a purpose and move your prospects through the purchasing process.

We will present free tools to help you build, expand, or fix your unruly workflows. Never blog or produce a video without a purpose again!

You are the marketing hero, we are just the guide to help you achieve your goals.

NOTE: If you couldn’t attend the first two seminars don’t fret. We will get you up to speed right away. We won’t use any highfalutin techno-babble, just real advice from real people that are doing modern marketing in the real world.

The insight we will share will be applicable to all, regardless of your marketing expertise and budget. Please bring a laptop or tablet that you can work on.

This seminar is ideal for:

1) Solopreneurs looking to launch a business and gain traction
2) Marketers looking to scale their business
3) Business owners looking to understand and leverage modern marketing

We won’t be covering ‘marketing theory’ and concepts that often aren’t used in the real world. You will leave with actionable items to apply to your business immediately.

We are so confident that your time will be wisely invested in this seminar that we will offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We warn you though that the first two seminars were highly rated.

Ps. There is no cost for the seminar but lots of value. 🙂

See you there!

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