Modern Lead Generation: A CRM and Content Strategy Case Study at Colour Scheme Professional Painters

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Colour Scheme Professional Painters, a long-standing Winnipeg-based company, faced challenges in effectively leveraging sales and marketing activities to reach its target audience and measure the success of its marketing efforts. This case study explores how the company collaborated with a marketing partner to address these challenges by focusing on customer relationship management (CRM), content creation, and communication strategies. Through a comprehensive approach, Colour Scheme aimed to enhance its online presence, target a specific audience, and generate predictable sales opportunities.

CRM Challenges and the Need for Expertise:
Dan Precourt, the owner of Colour Scheme, expressed his concerns regarding the effectiveness and measurement of the company’s online marketing efforts. Despite investing in social media and online platforms like Facebook and Google, Dan lacked the expertise to evaluate their impact accurately. He also faced challenges in determining which avenues, such as TikTok, would be suitable for his business. Additionally, Dan struggled to find qualified individuals who could guide him in his marketing endeavours.

Focusing on CRM, Content, and Communication:
Collaborating with a marketing partner, represented by Lionel, proved beneficial for Colour Scheme. The partnership focused on three main areas: CRM, content creation, and communication.

CRM: The company adopted HubSpot, a customer relationship management platform, which facilitated the integration of its website, Facebook page, and customer contacts. This integration ensured that relevant information reached the target audience, improving lead generation and customer engagement.

Content Creation: Recognizing the potential of kitchen cabinet spraying, Colour Scheme aimed to expand its reach in this specialized service. The company produced approximately 20 videos to educate and engage potential customers. These videos addressed common questions, showcased the service’s benefits, and helped potential customers understand the value of the service.

Communication: The company made significant changes to its website, ensuring it was customer-centric and focused on providing a seamless user experience. Additionally, Colour Scheme adjusted its marketing efforts to target a specific audience, utilizing postcards, print advertising, and digital channels to effectively communicate its services.

Results and Benefits:
Colour Scheme experienced several positive outcomes as a result of its collaboration and the implementation of CRM, content, and communication strategies:

Improved Customer Qualification: The company achieved better customer qualification, enabling them to focus their efforts on the most promising leads. This resulted in higher-quality interactions and increased efficiency in sales processes.

Expanded Online Presence: The company’s enhanced online presence and targeted marketing efforts allowed them to reach a broader audience interested in kitchen cabinet spraying. This visibility helped generate new sales opportunities that may not have been possible with traditional marketing channels alone.

Streamlined Processes and Enhanced Expertise: Through the collaboration, Colour Scheme gained access to specialized knowledge and guidance, enabling them to streamline processes, implement necessary website changes, and bridge gaps in their marketing strategy. This partnership provided invaluable expertise that was previously unavailable to the company.

By leveraging CRM, content creation, and effective communication strategies, Colour Scheme successfully overcame its marketing challenges. The collaboration with a marketing partner enabled the company to optimize its online presence, effectively target its audience, and generate predictable sales opportunities. Through a comprehensive approach, Colour Scheme strengthened its position in the market, fostered customer engagement, and expanded its reach, ultimately leading to increased business growth and success.

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